Ok, so I need some help

I need some help for a game. Well, it’s not a game YET…

So basically, I need map/game ideas to make… Yeah that’s basically it.

Any ideas? If not, then that’s ok!

Maybe a battle royale, tag map, capture the flag with weapons, what else?

I like that idea, thanks!

Time to let out my inner imagination.

The Dungeon Crawler

Ah, the alure and spice of the elaborate Dungeon Crawler. This classic has twists, turns, hidden passages, and hooks to keep players on their toes. Everybody loves competing for glory as they advance down the trecherous front, trying to win, and doesn’t everybody love that. The Dungeon Crawler doesn’t require difficult mechanics, yet it could easily be the most popular game in the classroom, soly on the fact that people love it.


Why wouldn’t your friends want to fight each other, wether it be plants vs zombies, robots vs humans, or cops vs robbers. They love fighting each other, battling it out until the clock doesn’t tick anymore. Why do you think there is Capture the Flag, Tag, and Snowbrawl have been hits! Because everybody love the rush of adreniline, the feel of the game, the risk for the reward. This is truly the epitome of fun, and provides a nice go-to for any occasion, wether you continue a great day, or brighten a new one.


Well well well, things might be good fast, but the other end of the spectrum provides a perfect alternative. Fishing and Farmchain are calming, strategic games that add relaxation with a goal: Winning! So even if your friends say it will be boring, you have them for a surprise. With things to unlock and prizes to win, your friends won’t want to mess up their planning. One false move could lose you a game, and there are no tag-backs when there are no tags. Overall, the calm with the rush provides a nice combo to end the day.


Other than the other categories, a mystery provides awareness not needed for other games. Mystery can be anything from a secret imposter to an unknown area, where clues can always help, and witnesses are key. In Among Us, the mystery of who the Imposter is drives players in, but things where the game is a mystery, now that is something worth exploring, quite litteraly if you need to find clues. This is the one that will suck you away into a world of confusion, and you want answers, just as much as you want to win.

These are just a few ideas out of many.


Thanks for those amazing ideas!

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When you realize it took me 20 minutes to type that.

Yeah, it might have took long, but it was worth it, right? :smile:

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