Ok, question for the people, by a people

How can I make a game like @ModerateCape86 's KEEP AWAY?

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What kind of game is it?

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I don’t believe so, but you can search it up on the search bar for games to play, or if its for a guide go search it up in the forum search bar.

Yeah, but thats by Hat, not Moderate Cape, I like the way @ModerateCape86 Made it.

So then no…

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@LEPRECON2024 I think I can find a way that @ModerateCape86 did it. It’s not that hard


First, make your rooms, and have your ladders that have a button at the bottom that teleports you to an escape hatch that leads you to the dock. the dock should have a barrier. Make a trigger trigger on game start, and have a delay of however long you want before the docks open. Then, when the triggers triggers, transmit on something that will deactivate the dock barrier. That’s the easy part, with the dock.s.

For the actual keep away part, you can just modify the Seconds Survived guides. just search “Seconds survived” in the searchh bar here.

That’s for the top left overlay.

The top right overlay… And the Tag Zone is harder. The tag zone should just have team 1 tagging, and it should be cooperative in the map options. Then, on game start, a random player is chosen to switch to team 2 and their name is set to a property which is how the name of the player with the ticket is shown in the top right overlay. And then, wire the tag zone to two item granters, one that minuses one ticket when player is tagged, one adding a ticket when player tags. That’s the most of it. Do you understand, @LEPRECON2024?

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