Ok, Im making a "house"

One, I need A good Idea for Bathrooms, Male and Female…
Female–(makeup and mirror)
and then I also need some dope ideas for bedrooms.
And how do i make the toilet and sink?

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You can use these for some of the things you need: Functioning Kitchen Utilities! [WIP]
How to make a WHOLE house! (Few things here ACTUALLY WORK!) 2/10 or 🟩
For the toilet and sink.

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what exactly are you asking?
use props if want cool things

Yeah, I do mean props.

Ok, how did you make the toilet, I dont have access to Emjois.

Oh… I used emojis to make it… I can find another way to make it though.



Thank you, Its not blocked!


Are you on Chromebook? Wouldn’t you just right-click?

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No, My school deosnt let us use emojis/have access to them

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Why? Thats quite a rude feature. dont people want us to, "Express " ourselves?

Idk, also would you have an idea on how to make “Makeup” on the counters of the bathroom sink?
This is my sink for my sisters room.

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You could put barriers sideways on the sink, and make them a colour you want them to be. :person_shrugging:

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And the toilet would just be this?/


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Yeah that’s all I did for the toilet.

Well, there are a lot of ways “expressing yourself” could be bad or inappropriate.