Ok for my map for my sci project

is it possable to make it nighttime??? itl make it a lot better when trying to escape the jail!

Use tinted barriers around the map.

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can you please make it a little more simple

it doesnt use any mechanics, just art
its quite simple
click the barrier
go to all options
go to alpha and configure it to your liking

so I dont have to make all of that?

so Idont have to make all of that? I hope not

yes you dont but youll need repeaters if you want it to alternate

oh ok who will Iset it up woth the repeaters? is it the same as what you first sent?

Yeah just place down a barrier over the whole map that has no collision and is on the above layer.
Turn it on when its night
Turn it off when its day

1: You need a Lifecycle and two Repeaters.
The first Lifecycle Activates the Barrier and the Second one Deactivates it.

2: @Naism Please don’t off-topic post.
Are you trying to ban speedrun?

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Thank You!!!

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ca I give the solution to @Jobozo1875


Just read your post again, It sounds good to make it nighttime while escaping from jail! More Dramatic

but the outline of the barrier plus it wont go so far

ik right it makes it so much better

change the barrier’s size

ik but it wont go so far

wont go as far as I need it

Just copy it again with the same settings. If you are using wires, make sure to wire both!

They can go really big.

(This is not an error screen, but in fact a Barrier with an Alpha of 1.00!)

Just copy multiple barriers and if you hit the wire limit to a device, use a wire repeater and/or channels.