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Wait I forgot what I was going to say

okay then say it @leahciM

I said I forgot what I was going to say did you not read?

Nice Guide, @ecraig5871!

oh sorry I Dumb because i just had benchmark testing

We aren’t making any more art guides. They are too easy, clutter the forums, and have little to no practical application.


I’m pretty sure that art, if given no guide here, would be more creative without the tutorials.

But besides pixel art, there was no really revolutionary thing with art, and I don’t believe that it will ever have something really important to it again, so I think its best that we stick with pixel art, or making stuff with barriers. And I agree with you, too easy and clutter forums. They could be put under the help tab to give ideas, but I don’t think so.


That is the idea.
[barrier art is still similar and in most cases not great but still yes]

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art inspires many a person

Ok but these forums are not for art. These forums are for devices.

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These forums are for help, guides, and bugs and that includes art art is a type of guide you could make


and help on gimkit creative. As well as being creative. That’s why its called gimkit creative, isn’t it?

not just devices


now we stay on topic.

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I do agree with you, but forums don’t really need art, for example, all you need is barriers, and pixel art with emojis, So gimkit creative is based on… well… the name… being creative! Props could be used too, but mostly are irrelevant.


I know, as soon as you posted yours, I just posted mine, I couldn’t see lol. But yeah. I agree.

Mark solution to stop clutter? We could do that.


Wat? you can’t mark a solution on guides

just click the 3 dots, click report, and set the reason as because i want to close it. The mods will remove ur post. (eventually) @ecraig5871

These forums were specifically created for help on devices, not for help on art. You can ask for design help, but that isn’t the main purpose of the forums. I don’t have any evidence for this, but do you think that most new users come here for help on art?

hm. :thinking:

sure they could like making among us they might not know how to do it