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just click the 3 dots, click report, and set the reason as because i want to close it. The mods will remove ur post. (eventually) @ecraig5871

These forums were specifically created for help on devices, not for help on art. You can ask for design help, but that isn’t the main purpose of the forums. I don’t have any evidence for this, but do you think that most new users come here for help on art?

hm. :thinking:

sure they could like making among us they might not know how to do it

I don’t get what you mean there.

I think they mean that someone might want to make art in their map but don’t know how.

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you said that and I think some might come for help on among us art etc.


Ok, but is that most users? Just look at the latest help topics.

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Some users but what is there were no art topics?

Then there would be less clutter…
Some art guides are helpful like the thumbnail one but ones that keep using barriers, well, we already know its an option so we can figure it out by ourselves. And I think there’s a tug for barrier art.

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and there would be more for art nobody would have a guide for art
ok let’s get back on topic
nice guide @ecraig5871

They could just post it in tug.

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Best to stop arguing and adding fuel to the fire. I don’t think this needs to continue anymore any farther.

The reason we need art guides is to have art guides? That’s VERY faulty logic…

That’s what I said

I said if there would be no art people would be asking

Hey! I’m Blackhole927, and I have a few things to say about this.

First, most posts have always been about device help. In the end, art is much easier to learn than devices and coding, so that is the forums main purpose.

Second, art guides are cool! It’s just that most of them here have no real purpose, or exist to simply allow people to carbon-copy builds, which isn’t even teaching people anything. Art guides are at this point nothing but a way to get likes.

Making gimkit art is cool, but for the most part, a lot of the guides are pretty unnecessary- I think anyone here could quickly figure out how to make a teddy bear from barriers.


We figured you were Blackhole927, but isn’t that ban evading?

I requested to be banned. I’m sure it’s fine for me to evade my self ban haha

I requested to be banned cuz the forums were interfering with my education, but now everything is in order, so I’m back on this account.


What proof do you have of that?

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