Off‎ topic‎ don't‎ reply‎

I just want to thank everyone at gimkit for everything they do you all the time you spend for all the updates and the skins just wanted to say thank you (you can flag now)

sorry I just had to post this

you could just say thank you in an update log thanking the gimkit team!
no need to make a topic!
anyways, mark a solution.
I dont want you to get flagged.

check out forum-tips for things you can do and forum-beginners when you have time.

Dude, just reply in the update section…

@THEHACKER120 we don’t have to put the topic id in the title :man_facepalming:
Just make a really weird title like: thou topic is off topic, you mustn't reply

Oh we don’t now… huh… I thought we had to… mb

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