Notfication - Item

I have a trigger that gives a random item, When that item is given. Or any other item is given, I want a notification to pop up with the name of that item

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I think the IIM has an option for that

ok so what you can do is use a popup device then add wires so that when item is giving open popup and make it say the name of the item

It doesn’t…

Not really clear instructions

You can use it to send a notification whenever the item is gained, lemme double check rq

take a pop up device click on it where it says what it should say then write the name of the item that is granted then add wires to the item granted to the pop up so that when item is giving it should open the pop up


Yeah, here:

The item alerts is similar to those in official gamemodes.

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i think mine works as well but youres might work better :smiley:

Oh, But what I’m aiming for is like an actual notification.

Not an item alert, but thanks

have you tried mine?

How are you sending a random item? Trigger blocks? Also, how many different items do you want to be able to show?

You can’t wire anything out of a item granter

what do you mean? by that

Yep, Heres the block code.

You can’t wire a item granter to anything

Ah. Does it give a random number of the item or no? Also, is that “create text with” block supposed to be attached to anything?

It gives 1 item

And no that create text block is not attached to anything, Its only a note

So I think you might need to save the random number as a property, a list of all items as a property, then broadcast something to update and send a notification