Notfication - Item

Can you send a photo on how to do it please?

Store the random number in the following property, using the blocks that you showed:

For the item list, you’ll need to separate each item by a “.”, and add a number to the start of each item, from 1 to 51, as well as a dash.

Example: 1-fish.2-banana.3-bait.4-apple.

This website might help a lot: Alphabetize Your Lists -

Then, put that like this:

Add a new block in the notification device:

And the following block code (sorry in advance):

Circled portions are the same btw

Lastly, send the notification on “SendNotification” and you should be fine, if everything was right

Small change; make sure there is a period at the end of your list


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Thank you so much

Mini guide, lol. I like it, very helpful.

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