Not really a concept

So I saw shdwy’s guide on please never use repeaters psa:

and I wondered, anything that can send on a channel and can receive on one can loop. So maybe a relay can loop, right?

what about a checker?
Screenshot 2024-06-11 8.28.19 AM
(actually called much faster than a second)

Or maybe even a counter!
Screenshot 2024-06-11 9.12.39 AM
Screenshot 2024-06-11 9.12.29 AM
These are just concepts, and they’re not useful for much right now other than crashing your game. Just wanted to post an idea!

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good guide but why would you want to crash your game

As a prank for your friends
also maybe for debugging
edit: I probably shouldn’t be doing this during SS class but I did my work so. . .

Also, I want to know if there’s an interval between the calls for the relay loop, like how many times it would get called a second. I can’t do that right now (gtg) so any help would be appreciated!

  1. this does not belong in concept
  2. the reason we use triggers or wire repeaters is because they can have actual delays
    checkers, counters, and relays do not have delays so they can not be used for loops


there is no delay for relays
and proposing ideas are put it devices
and right now its just ideas not really a concept

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the only way to avoid the game crashing involves adding a trigger or a wire repeater for the delay and at that point you might as well just make a trigger loop

concept guides are where you explain the concept and it needs to be something like pseudo teaming where you can’t really make a guide on it so instead you just explain the concept

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chill please I just got back here after 30 minutes and I see this. . . If its not a concept just let it be an idea
Also I posted this because it’s the only original thing I could think of, nobody posted it before.
whatever I’ll mark solution


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