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Which one can’t do block code?

Same. Wondering the same thing.

the wire repeater

fact everyone pick top choices

Reason the Trigger is the best:
It can act as a Wire Repeater, so anyone who likes Wire Repeaters, these are just as good!
Block code: It is one of the few devices that can do block code
Easy maneuverability: It can be wired to, wired from, can do delays, can transmit and be transmitted to, anything can be connected.
Scope: can block teams, can be only for a certain player. Useful!



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this isn’t off-topic @potato1, these are items in gimkit creative

Do you have a guide I can read mentioning these things? I would love to read about it.

it dosen’t help gimkit creative in any way though

That’s kinda true… I’m leaving this conversation

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yeah, me too

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I will as well. But nice poll!

I love me a camera view.

I prefer item granters to block code in because they are also cheap and you can grant items as well in the block code.

I can make one if ya want like above

I was going to make guides on special ways you can use to make this stuff

Also @Shdwy Kind of says this stuff is NOT off topic so is @Shdwy right or not?

I know ppl who are rlly good at GKC would say trigger but the button is so useful in many scenarios!


I think he is right, we are talking about the devices of creative

a) why is it important to remove this post
b) how is this off-topic? it’s directly relevant to Creative, it provokes discussion sharing the benefits of different devices, it encourages learning about the various devices and healthy debate to flesh out everyone’s understanding of the game. this is way more helpful than any completely random basic guide will ever be. you get to hear everyone’s viewpoints on the thing, whereas in a guide you only see the creator’s opinion of what’s best, which is often not the full story.