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Nice! I like this poll, seeing everyone’s opinions!

I think spawn pad because without it nothing else would work and you wouldn’t be in map or lobby only one because auto spawning when you create map.

*Voting Property, the best device

well you can make checkpoints without using the checkpoint device so it really isn’t that powerful

I choose wire repeater because it saves so much time, and my other favorites are the vending machines, team switchers, laser beam manager, and checkpoint.

Oh, and the checker, because it makes everything run smoothly.

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obviously the trigger, it can do so many things and I basically do all my block code in it

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Fair enough but spawn pad is more…Cannot even argue with that

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nah cuz you can just build around the set spawn point

and lets maybe have a nice FRIENDLY debate? I find that beneficial and fun and you might learn more ways you can learn different devices.

I do the property. It can store SO MUCH info, but, without the trigger, can’t really… Ok I’m switching to Trigger

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Alright. That’s true, can’t argue with that.

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Should I make a poll on different post for these?
  • Props
  • Terrain
  • None
  • Both
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lol, ikr, its so useful!

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I love the different terrain options, so I voted terrain. For my game I’m working on, I’m using regular sand and purple sand.

Trigger advantages
  • Can be activated by channel
  • Can be deactivated by channel
  • Broadcasts when triggered
  • Has block code and is used for randomizers
  • Can be stepped on to trigger or that function can be turned off
  • Has optional delay (so don’t have to use wire repeater or a repeater)
  • Can be visible or invisible
  • Can block other team triggering
  • Can have max triggers
  • Can have global or player scope of it being maxed out
  • Can be used as randomizer
  • Has many aspects of different blocks like repeater delay, all possible chanel setting right now, scopes, etc.
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OK, so why do those options make it seem infinitely better? :laughing:
I’ll try to maneuver around! Thanks for the suggestion.

can’t do block code though, right?

honestly I’ve never tried, I don’t think it does though, does it?

Maybe, sorry, I’m not good with those types of things. Of course testing and reading would help.