Not Knowing Where to Start on my Map

I’m making a new map about a place where you can just you can explore. I know my idea, but wondering where to start. I say I need help…

you could make the player start in the bedroom


Maybe a neighborhood with lore, a big city, or a medieval times game.

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Sure! That’s starting to get a little plain, I do that in all my maps…

Sure. I just like to gather all the information.

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I just want the player to spawn in the middle of the road and just go and explore the map. Where should I start?

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Maybe make it walking out of their house. Or a cutscene is nice too.

A cutscene? Okay, I could try. I did that last time too, or it was my friend’s map…

You know what, I like that idea! A CUTSCENE! Have any more ideas though?

A Library

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Yes, anything more deeper too?

Check out this guide! @Princess2216 [📜] The ULTIMATE Guide to Map Ideas

Thanks @111 ! I’ll check it outttt!

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as txme said, a cutscene is good. if they spawn in the middle of the road, then the cutscene could be the player being told to get off the road by someone

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