Not able to pick up flag after droppping it

Title self explanatory it wont let me pick it back up

This is supposed to be in bugs.

Anyways, I think I’ve seen this before. Try ctrl + r or something.

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@Sharkbait You may have disabled picking up objects in Map Options. If that is not the case, then:

Yeah I’ve refreshed, published it saved and shut out the tab and got back on and it didn’t work but let me see if I disabled picking up items

There is no item pickup setting, or atleast I can’t find it

Maybe it’s this setting?


It’s not, something I noticed though is that if you can see the base where you first pick up the flag you can pick it up again but if not then you can’t, regular camera size btw

The base is supposed to be a barrier to keep players of the flag’s team out. Well, that’s pretty strange behavior. Does the flag still get automatically returned to the base?

Yeah it does get automatically returned

UPDATE! It will return to base unless there is a wall between the spawner/base and the flag

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Does that include barriers or terrain?

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It’s terrain (needs more characters lol)

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You can put words in <> to hide the characters.

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For example, “Hi < zwgegwgegeegejjwduhdsh >”
(make sure there are no spaces)

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Just bookmark that lol

Are you a red guy on the discord?

PI? Yeah, Sharkbait, I did change it today to a shark but yeah that was my pfp

Okay, are you HistoryLarge now?

I changed it as a joke because there were a bunch of us, we all stole maththrives pfp, but I’m back to Sharkbait