No longer possible guides

I am making something, i can’t really say because some people my think its promoting so… yeah. But I am wanting the guides that are no longer possible and to see if there is a way to make them possible again. Yes I know I could do this my self, but I am very busy and don’t have that time.

This is off-topic but, I finally hit 200 Solutions!!!


why did you post this, what do you need.

Moving sentries!!

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The guides that are patched, like moving sentries.


ooooooohhh, I know

maybe a no weapon sentry

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Wrestling like game/melee since they took out health subtracting.

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Oh! Jumping, wherever you want to… Only make that in a not open-world gmae

there are already guides on that…several…

They never had health subtraction in the first place.


So I think that some password guides are now obsolete due to choosing question sets. Also, putting off topic things in a hide details isn’t an excuse to post off topic.

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Not necessarily now, as question sets are removed when publishing.

are you sure? there are some that dont have the tag “use your own kit!”
so could you techinicaly still use a questioner as a password system?

clicker game, ive tried but its like almost immposible

That’s what I’m saying lol.

yeah they did…use health granter and put negative.

No, that was never possible.

i did it for melee…but whatver it worked for me until recently…

No, melee has never really been possible, and never worked like that.

The cry to have negative health granters has existed since May.

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then maybe i glitched or had abug or somthing…