New Update: March 15th, 2024

Just a tiny update this time around. But stay tuned, because Creative Platforming arrives in just a few days, on March 19th!

  • Overlay Device

    • We’ve made a quality of life improvement to the Overlay device where overlays on the bottom will continue to show even if you have an item or gadget selected
    • If you have games similar to ours where players answer questions by clicking a button on the Bottom Left, this means they no longer have to go back and forth between “Home” and the gadget/item
    • Note that on mobile, players will have to return to “Home” to view bottom Overlays as there isn’t enough space to show everything
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where opening a Questioner from a Popup Device would cause a crash

YAY I cant wait til it comes! Thanks Josh!!!
(First reply hehe)

Ty All for the likes!!


Yesssss Iv’e been waiting for this Overlay fix to happen, Thanks So Much Josh!


I bet many people will like this

And the mobile experience is improved.


A creative update, awesome!



Yea its the platformer for Season Ticket holders I believe.


Always great to have small patches for QOL. It doesn’t have to be a big relese every time! Best regards to the team. Thanks!


can u fix the zone Bug??

don’t ping him.

Don’t ping josh plz

What’s wrong with the zone?

No, I was talking about this one lol. Small QOL stuff and bugfixes are always nice to see.


its where u enter the zone using teleporter and leave but it doesn’t let ur gadget fire cuz of the setting in the zone

Ohhh ok. mb

Can you switch it to be able to fire?

no because its a item shop and I don’t want them to fire in there

let’s go no more extress by switching weapons an then using the overlay

QoL updates are always nice to have; smaller details matter the most. Thank you Gimkit team for always working hard and diligently since I know this platforming stuff puts a lot of work on you guys!


hey @Spydecraft245 nice to see you here I’m kinda new and I see so much OGs!!