New Update: January 22nd, 2024

I have. I played for exactly 1 hour working on my among us map and it kicked out the people with me after exactly 59 minutes. I believe @Haiasi was working with me at the time.

@Hikiko, welcome to the community!

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Oops, didn’t read, nvm.

Could you make it so we can wire terrain?

If he did that, then gkc would not be suitable for chromebooks.

And most of the gimkit community uses school chromebooks. So, if they make it so it can wire terrain, half of the community won’t try GKC again.

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how would it not be suitable for chromebooks?


Because it would be laggy.
Most of the games have so much terrain, and i’m pretty sure chromebooks can’t handle really laggy stuff.

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ok, but wiring terrain would make each block of terrain a device basically…


Basically, removing the terrain section and making the terrain devices.

Imagine seeing terrain in devices, like this:

It’s dirt.

You always go on the road when you use your car.


thereby creating a lot of memory…

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What purpose would that have?

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Wires are only laggy when rendering them, I believe. Therefore, it wouldn’t have a large impact on people on low end devices, unless they choose to place a lot of wires to terrain, which is the same as a lot of device wires in terms of lag.


like show terrain when or hide terrain when.

actually, wireable terrain for showing and hiding is not a bad idea. you could make full-on animations with terrain art (pixel art).

i hope they could have a update where you can make your own “don’t look down” games for GKC

They said they will implement that early 2024


thanks for the info!

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Can you add more sentry skins, and friendly sentries?

Friendly sentries already exist, and you can customize sentries in clever ways.

Sentry Skins in Gimkit Creative! [CLOSED]


Where? And why do I not know this?