New Update: January 22nd, 2024

Just change the sentry’s team to team 1/whichever team you want it to be friendly to. If you need a sentry friendly to all teams, just put an invisible barrier on it.

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Customizable sentry skins would be amazing, being able to pick ANY skin.

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I’m still waiting for the “change player skin” device thing in the game, because i want to make my infection game, but the skins are important.

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This will never happen. Josh has said so.



I guess people would just see it’s weird when people see my game and the infected’s skin didn’t change.

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Dang! I was hoping for a special device like that…

you could put a damage modifier on them that doesn’t modify their damage so at least they look somewhat more different

please don’t say that.

Epic platformer news!


Is this is going to become like the minecraft mob vote if we do more??

No, because devices that don’t win probably will be added later. It’s more of a way for the devs to prioritize what they work on.


Oh, fair enough, so people won’t get mad if things don’t get added, like mc. Makes sense. Democracy can just be anxiety-inducing sometimes, lol.

make eraser size bigger


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I really need that.

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I could see people abusing it so they could just use skins they haven’t purchased yet. I guess the only way to use the skin changer is through Snowy Survival.

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Then just remove the skin changing part and keep the invisibility and transparency.

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Yeah invisabits would be great!


Where do you find this info? It would be really nice to have

The Gimkit Discord. You can find it on the main page, I believe. (in the about us section)
It’s a nice place, come check it out!