New Medieval Guide Ideas

With the release of the new 133 new medieval props and guides are just said to come out. 2 guides have, but they are not how i would do them and i see many ways to improve them(no affense). But I am wanting to make some great guides, ones people would use. So if you have any ideas, please let me know.

Some sort of selling game involving the new stalls? A farming game with the new food props?

A Castle with a full interior decorated.


Like this but with a castle.

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Maybe a guide about how to make evil potions that curse you with debuffs if you step on them?

Or a readable book seeing as we have the codexes now?

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How about the stall you always see, different stalls and shops with their own theme leading up to a castle , but monsters have infested it. (as an RPG)

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Isn’t there already like two guides on that?

Good idea, but i am a designer, coding and me don’t work so well…

I don’t think for the codex. for pages, yes.

I think there is guides on how to make readable pages but not books

Yeah but I mean they have similar concepts.
It’s fine if you make a guide on it.
(This reminds be of the arcade machine on/off guide by @Koxin)

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