New map idea please help

so I know you guys have header this alot but I want to make something no one has ever, EVER done before.

what about a gimtopia @CoolGimkitPlayer

I already did that

dico party. a dance battle game

I kinda also what it so that you can play with 1 person

Floor is lava when DLD comes out maybe. (I’m doing that too)

NO WAY!!! Same!

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try remaking a game thats already been made before, (not in gimkit.)
some examples: hello neighbor, baldis basics, bendy and the ink machine, ect.

Maybe make a personal game. (im making a game on my lore)

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what about a gimtopia map?

what about Charlie and the chocolate factory?

what if your in a midevil time and you can play as a kight or a wizard (there can be class options) and you have to fight thorough the castle to get to the dark lord deafeat him and save the kingdom

oh, that would be cool @jelloboss

i feel like that has bean done, allot

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what if you get trap in a water park and you have to ecscape

try making an original story game
It’s what I’m doing

Maybe a survival game that takes place during a nuclear fallout?

yeah well that was my delema @Foxy, I don’t know what to make the is original

Choose two random things in the ideas tag and try to combine them.

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what’s if you get lost in a snowy forest and there are monster in that forest and you have to stop the one summoning the monsters