New map idea please help

in my opinion too many maps are based around pvp that’s why I wanted to make a story game
honestly think about what you want to play

yeah, but I don’t like the Pvp maps because I want to play them on my own, but you need 2 or more poeple

yeah I like maps that can be used for both

and then like someone make a different type of map (example bed wars) and then instantly you see like 20 Bed wars games that most aren’t really that good

How about a boss battle but you defeat them with kindness.

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he he he that would be kinda funny

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umm it’s something :slight_smile:

ok, and how would they kill it? like how would the kindness be used (like what weapon, I mean you can’t use a “hug” you know)

Use the pml as a feed option to make them not hungry anymore but you over feed them and they explode therefore killing then with kindness


what you got sent to the future to find a cure to something but when you get the gims are extinct and its run by robots (sentry) and so you have to disguise your self as a robot to find the cure and go back in time

I like that

@jelloboss thanks for all of the ideas, but I think i’m going to go with what @ThatGim said, it should really funny and unextectable

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best idea I’ve heard ThatGim


its cool I like his ideas better to


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