New map but I am confuzzled

Which type of map
  • Escape room
  • cop vs robbers
  • team deathmatch
  • rob a bank
  • this or that
  • battle royale
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everyone I know doesn’t care so I thought I’d ask you guys in the forum

Will you publish it?

I might after I finish it. of course I still don’t know what ima make. I’ll leave that up to you guys


I think you should publish it. And I think Escape Room because each escape room HAS to be different. I like to see what people come up with and it is fun to play through.

Well rob a bank is already taken, someone just started doing that. This or that is already in Gimkit. There are too many battle royales. So leaves the escape room, team deathmatch, and cops vs robbers.

escape room or tdm
tdm is fun too

thats true

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Cops vs robbers is like infection or “Snowy Survival” so in reality, two choices.

don’t you have to use 1000 gimbucks to publish? because if it does I don’t know ifI will cuz I’m trying to have a lot of gims. these are the ones I have so far

That’s a lot! Anyways, publish is free. I think it’s the other one that costs Gimbucks.

ohhhh so the new discover publish is 1000 and the link is free?

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Yeah, but discover lasts forever. For more info, click this
Now let’s get back on-topic.


A lot of people are voting for escape room :thinking:

Then choose that one!
Edit: Honestly, I think 11 votes is enough.

:sweat_smile: ok

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wait, technically i could edit this as many times as i want ._. hmmmmmmmmmmmm oh well, not gonna go much into thought with that

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they did.

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I did

I’ll make the escape room exactly tomorow. I gotta go to sleep

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