🔗 Publish Links and Showcase Links

There is a difference between Publish links and Showcase links. First of all Publish links cost 1k Gimbucks to publish and will appear under the “Discovery” tab in Gimkit Creative. Publish links last forever and will still remain under the “Discovery” tab even if they get updated after posting. Publish links become free with the purchase of the Season Ticket. Showcase links are free for all and only last for a few days before the link expires. Showcase links can also not be found under the “Discovery” tab and are only able to be played if given the link by the creator of the map. Here are the facts about each link in a easier to read format.

Publish Links

  • 1k Gimbucks to publish per map
  • Last forever
  • Found under the “Discovery” tab
  • Updates when game gets updated
  • Free with purchase of the Season Ticket

Showcase Links

  • Free for every publish
  • Limited access to the map
  • Does not appear under the “Discovery” tab
  • Must receive a link from the map creator.

This is just so users can tell the difference between the types of links and this is related to Gimkit Creative.

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But this is good, and may stop the confusion


Thanks, and yes, thats the point.

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When it’s published and updated, will the updates stay?

It should

Thank gosh!

josh said they would.

i think you should also add that publish links are anonymous

(i was going to add “and must comply with the publishing rules” but saying that seemed stupid considering the fact that most of the player fanbase knows gimkit stores their maps)

I don’t know yet, but if for publish, you could see what you made and edit it after, that would be like sick, so you could have that there sitting and then make another map, if you can’t edit it, still cool. But I think this new update is pretty cool!

That is being worked on, josh said in the discord that names will be added to maps after they make it a setting and allowed names, not your account name.

you can, thats the point,

That’s cool then! So basically, they gave infinite slots, at the price of some grinding and gimbucks, if you don’t have the season pass.

you can only publish 3 maps unless ticket is purchased. but you can see what you made and edit it after.

So… 6 slots for free to play players?

3 for free to play, 10 for gimkit pro, 25 for season ticket owners


Stupid auto correct, right?

Yes. 6 slots for free, assuming you don’t update the 3 published ones.

You also might consider adding that your map is still playable without the season ticket or 1k gimbucks….

Only 3 tho. I think the pass is worth it, it lasts a long time.

three months is decent

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