New and Fresh game ideas, post yours here and it might be chosen

New and Fresh game ideas, post yours here and it might be chosen
explain the game and give a name for it

Umm, decimate the bum

Basically you try to kill a bad person
and you have to go through a maz of sentrys and lasers

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alright, so. I would recommend making bedwars, because there isn’t too much of those kinds of games out there. it is just a pvp map with beds at each teams base. if someone breaks the bed you cant respawn again, and the last team standing wins.

(had to make a whole paragraph lol)


What about a co-op game. Don’t see too many of those these days. Something like you have to collect resources and grow food quickly to survive, something like a zombie apocalypse?


how about some sorta story mode game? don’t see those often, and they aren’t hard to make
(I recommend using cutscenes and special effects and a boss at the end.)


I like the bedwars idea but how would i make the droppers and when you break the beds it doesnt let them respawn, and how do you build in flat

droppers? can you clarify?

Fun idea the I tried. Make Capture the Flag combined with hide and seek. 2 flags, places to hide


like in Roblox the iron droppers and the emerald droppers in the middle

oh just use item spawners.
you can use seeds for the ingots

ok and how would you make them drop every second or so

timers with wires. just hide the timers

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yeah, item spawners…
do you know what that is?

ya im not that new, i know what they are and how to use them

so why you asking this?

because there are certian things that i can and cant do, and this is off topic, this was created for map ideas

There are barely any decent GKC remakes of real games like Celeste. Maybe you can remake a game, but the quality is actually good?

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The Ultimate Ideas List By Legobuilder
Map ideas to cure your boredom (reply with more ideas)
Honestly this is hundreds of ideas…try checking guides before making these posts…i seriously doubt you wont find an idea in this selection of hundreds of ideas…(not that making these posts are bad


yeah… usually they are just fight games, among us or platformer

co-op platformer, beat the level in 2 minutes

people who get to the top can put together their left over time and give it to the players who need more…

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