Network is blocking what?

I get this popup before I j0in any game and it always says “your network is blocking your connection to our severs” or something like that. It goes away when you reset tab, but today its not going away. I’ve tried closing my computer and trying again, but it didn’t work. Resetting the tab isn’t doing it either.
Please help me

  1. Contact Gimkit.
  2. Just wait until tomorrow.

Also, did you do the connection test?

That always happens to me. Every time, I have to reload, and sometime I have to turn off my wifi and then turn it back on for the game to work.

that’s where it shows all of the required connections and shows which one isn’t working, right?


I did. It said everything was fine

Yeah, it happens. Just reload.

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This could help you understand what is going on:


thanks, @Floppy!

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