Need thumbnail for horror map

Its called Horrestest its a horror game where you escape the forest

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requests go here I’m tired of saying it

I can make one just give me some time

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@Foxy, not all people have to put it there. What if they wanted it done when they could get it? In a short amount of time. Letting people know on a post I believe is better to let people know on the spot, without a guide.

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Does this work???
Used C_C’s Grimoire

That… Well… Very convinient. Forest and horror…

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hello @GimSolver can I ask you a favour?

Sure, what do you need help with?

With my war forge map

If you want me to help you in your map, sadly, here on the forums, codes aren’t allowed.
You can post them on the wix tho! (I’m banned from the wix so I can’t help, but one of the other amazing people could) :grin:

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