Need the guide for splatoon 3 squid

hey @NavyCatZ asked me to make a new post so that she could post the splatoon 3 guide to making a squid becase i closed the other one before he made the guide ill mark the solution once he posts it

heres the last post Help on making art (in gimkit creative)


guide creator…


I dont really know how to best explain it since i am very disorganized lol. But basically, the whole thing is made up of barriers. The barriers should not have borders and a transparency of 1.00.

The “arrow” head was made of rectangular barriers placed together to look like a triangle, then you would fill them in with more barriers. The body is a rectangular barrier, and i used rotated square barriers to make the points at the bottom. The tentacles are a rectangular barrier, then a circle battier with another rotated square barrier at the end for the point. If you want, add small circular barriers to the tentacles as decorations.

The eyes are comprised of 6 circular barriers layered on top of each other and two black plate props for the pupils.

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alright is that all (sorry for saying the wrong pronouns)


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