Help on making art (in gimkit creative)

so i love to play splatoon 3 and i want to make a little squid in the form of art but im stupid so i was wondering if someone could help me i have already looked to see if anyone made splatoon art they haven’t, just doubled check its true so please help

heres the idea of it

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This post is off topic and has no reason to be here. Remember, if it has nothing to do with Gimkit it shouldn’t be posted!


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no im asking how to make map art in creative with barrier blocks i see people do it from time to time so i was wondering if i could get taught how or they give it to me to teach me

You could probably use barrier art. Tint diff barriers diff colors, tilt the barriers, change the shape, etc. There are some great guides around the forum you can look at. There are also some good Discovery games to get inspiration from.

Also guys this isnt off topic since this is in gimkit creative.


I’ll make the instructions tomorrow since my braincells don’t work late at night. I just used barriers for everything.


Ooo that really does look like splatoon.


wow it looks amazing

personally as a slpatoon fan i love this art!

the new expansion campaign which means its time to grind


if this has been solved, pls mark as solution, and have a nice day :smiley:

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it has been solved though i havent been given a guide on how to do it (please no side order spoliers) will you make a guide in the commuinty so i can find it later i want to close this shouldn’t be open longer than it needs to be

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thank you @CoolGimkitPlayer and @NavyCatZ when ever you make a guide for it can you put it in coummunity guide

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