Need some more help

So I’m making a Fortnite map, and you might have seen my other help topic, but I need more help, lol.

I got some small mountains and rocks to make it look cool, but I need more things to fill it up and look cool. Any ideas? (It’s grand Glacier by the way.)

MAke a big rock and put a snowpile on it and repeat the steps until you have mountain valley.

I don’t really want that, I already have that, and too much will be bad. I need to add chests too, lol.


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Chest: Organge Space Container
Ammo Box: That dumpster chest

you could semi-recreate tilted towers? (emphasis on semi)
what i mean is you could build i town of some sort, and build the iconic clock tower, but call it something other than tilted towers to avoid copy-right.

edit: OH GOD- didn’t see the glacier part of the post. sorry!

I already know how to make a chests.
@speedy_kd4 its fine, I actually like your idea. Instead of a clock tower, a WATCH TOWER, like in the real one, just a wooden outpost. Thanks actually!

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@speedy_kd4 This look good or decent?

My watch tower! Nothing in it, just a cool thing/detail.

By the way, have you seen caternaught recently? His last post was like 2 days ago, usually he’s really active…

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read his last reply on his activity

i think he went on vacation

Oh alright. What’s your verdict then maybe?

Then i’ll go continue working.

that looks great! its simple, yet a nice detail to the map.

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