Need some Ideas to make game?

Hello guys I’m stuck, I don’t know how to do anything.

Be more specific please… what game?

I’m making a War forge game

Huh what’s that? (Forgive me if I’m being smooth)

what do you need help with exactly?

ok I’ll screenshot it to you.

Maybe do this on the wix? Publish your code their and ask for help?

Like making the devices publishing so many stuff.

I don’t have WIX sadly…

Here is the screenshot.

Details on what you need?

ok i’LL check it out later.

Also I removed the idea tag its only for guides…

help like in game ideas of what to do? do you have padlet

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but mine is a war forge one.

War forged? As in the book?

no, its the game I’m making.

Oh wait, if your doing it on the wix… is this problem solved?
and @WhiteGod np

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