Need New Updates For My Map (SOLVED)

What new things can I add to my map???
You can suggest anything…
(But I don’t want it to be too difficult to do and it shouldn’t take up too much memory.)

What’s the context of the game?

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Oop, TheHacker120 Already got it.

Also, congrats on regular man!

You need CASH
So you need cash to buy better gadgets etc. (you are exploring the map)

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I suggest
2.Space ship
3.Super Stadium
5.Basketball Court
6.Jail Cell
(I hope this helps because I have no idea what your talking 'bout)
Also Ty @Txme_Lxss


Quests, lore, and expanding the map maybe.

hm yes there is lore (if you mean information)
I think my map is big enough, thanks

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Not to rush you, but remember to mark a solution when you have one.

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If you or anyone else has more ideas, let me know because I won’t decide right away…

Ok here some more
1.Dining room
2. Commander Office
3.Plant Room
5.Secret Bunker

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Idea: Museum?

Hey, @cheesebox, I haven’t seen you in a while!
Glad to see you’re back.
What kind of map are you making, @AhmetT?

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It’s a museum, but what can I put in it, for example, because it’s just GKC?

Do you want the code or link of my map?

Do not share codes or links here.
No, you can tell me directly. Through here.

Intentional! I’ve been trying to take a break from big distractions to focus more on school-work.

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I say that because my map is a little too complicated and too big.

What do you mean, I can tell you directly?

I wish I was able to do that.
I got Regular while you were gone.
It’s been pretty wild and mild, though.

Maybe. I’ll think about it, @AhmetT