Need ideas for my pizzeria

essentially im making a map where you run a pizzeria over the course of 5 minutes (or 5 in game days)

features i already have

you can deliver pizzas, look at reviews, make pizzas, cook pizzas,take orders, talk to customers, wash dishes, and it has a day cycle where you unlock new things evry day.

im looking for ideas for,
a. new mechanics
b. things i can add to the map

the map

how about when a pizza gets burned you have to go out back and throw it away or give the customers names like have certain costumers come in repeatedly and have those one get names

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i really like that, the only problem is right now the cooking is instant and i dont know how to add a timer for it

How to make a timer

what do you use for the cooking like what device

it has a button connected to a checker, so when you press the button it checks for the property “cheesepizza” or “pepperonipizza”, and when one passes it sets the property to 0 (since the max of each property you fan have is only 1) and sets the property “cookedcheese” or “cookedpep” to 1 instantly

Add a drive thru
(extra text)

add other kinds of pizza to make other than pepperoni and cheese, here’s some ideas: mushrooms.
sausage. (my personnel favorite)
black olives
green peppers

if you deliver the wrong kind of pizza, the customer will get angry.

the onlt issue with that is how to design the pizzas, how would i put mushrooms??

i would suggest using emojis for that, like this: :mushroom:
you can always make barrier/prop art for things that don’t have emojis too.

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ill try that, thanks!!


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