Need helping making the fence not have collision when invisible

Hi am am trying to make it when the ball go in the goal a fence appears so the ball does not bounce out but when i test it it keeps hitting the invisible fence smiling_face_with_tear:

I think there is a setting for no collision when it is invisible.

Is there any other way to make the fence appear and there is no invisible collision

Use a barrier and activate/deactivate it.

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I will try that thanks

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I can walk through the the deactivated barier but the ball can not when i tried

Use a zone when the ball goes past the gate to block the ball from going out.

I haven’t played around will the ball much, I’ll go do some testing and see what I can find.

Yeah, I had this problem.

Make it so its active on game start, but then a trigger hides it.

See if that works.

Add a buttion to put the barier down.

Ok i will try that too

I’m still looking into barriers but you could reduce or even set to 0 the bounce of the ball.

I found something that could work. On the ball capture zone put this.
Then put this on a trigger.
And this on the ball.
The only problem with this is that it stops the ball as long as it’s in the capture zone so it’s hard to get out. You could deactivate the the zone once it enters and reactivate it later.

I will try that thanks

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:frowning: its not letting me get on Gimkit creative

Make sure the barrier is on world.

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