Need help with updates to my map

so, i posted my smp and i don’t know what to add has a update

do you mean you want to add updates and you don’t know what updates you can add?

i just need ideas for UPDATES

what does your smp looks like

go to padlet so i can show you

the alternative wix to be exact

can you give me the link

okay, I am there… so…

there you go i send it

what did you send me?

is it
maps code???

so what do i do in this?
can you end the game
start a new game let me see your map

ok just gimme a second

now go check it out in the wix

please do not start the game

Wow, it looks big there is so much I’m not sure what you can add. For example, you can make rooms or houses with secret passwords.

wait I will send you a picture…

I made such an encrypted place 18 days ago.

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i have to smp in discovery and play it

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oh so you were the people i was playing with hi what were you guys working on

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