Need help with something on my map

I am making a game where there are boxes that you can destroy to increase damage for your team. I have kinda made it work but since the damage multiplier doesn’t stack I need a new way to achieve this, any ideas?

You can use something similar to mysz’s speed modification system but for the dmg modifier.

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oh thats a really smart way of doing this! I will mark solution once I have tested it in my map, thank you!

Wait I have a question, how would I change the vending machine part of that guide to activating all the other things with breaking a prop?

Instead of using the vending machine, connect the boxes to the trigger.


I tried that but still doesn’t work, I could send screenshots if u can find the problem?

Sure, that would help!


or could I email you the code?

I would rather have screenshots.


ok I will try

Whole thing

Box settings

Property settings

Wires for triggers

Trigger settings

Trigger block

First damage multiplier

The rest of the damage multipliers are basically the same, but the damage is increased and the channel is different, for example, the 4th one would be ADD POWER LEVEL4

The property needs to be a number property.


Hmm, if they don’t stack, try Disabling the previous power and enable the new one. Hope this helps!

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IT WORKS than you so much!

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