Need help with shoot through walls or somthing like that in my TD

I’m making a Tower Defense where one team is running along a track, and the other is trying to stop them. I need some help with how to make it so the defending team can’t get on the track, and vice versa. Any Ideas?

you could have buyable props, and you can place them on the track which stops the opposing team from getting on the track. (props are breakable as well.)

Here is something for the question in the title:

And for the question in the description, have a lifecycle, a relay and the barriers. Make the barriers deactivated on game start, and make the relay relay to the team you don’t want to be able to get on the track. Make the lifecycle’s event game start. Then wire them like this:

Event occurs → relay
When relay → activate prop

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can you like shoot through barriers or no

I sorta posted something like this a week ago or so, @sir_lancelot said to use lasers as a wall, because you can shoot through them, but you die if you touch it.

@Trasch - No, you cannot shoot through barriers… I wish there was an option to toggle that though.

Ok I didn’t know thx

WAIT! If you haven’t already used the lasers, you can shoot through barriers if you do this: