Need help with project

So y’know the capture the flag game mode I am doing my own version of that but my zones need to make one team be able to shoot in them but not the other team I need help doing this.

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs > (Relay, specific team, choose the team you don’t want to shoot in the zone) Relay Trigger

Trigger Relay > Activate Zone

Make sure you have a no-fire zone.

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thank you im new to these forums

Did it work?
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im doing what you said right now

so I am not sure what to do um unsure on how to activate and de-activate my barriers

do you think you could go in my world with me and help?

May I see your wiring and device settings?
Sorry, codes are not allowed here.
Is your zone inactive on game start?

I don’t really know how to do channels so I did wires but it does not seem like wires will work

What are your wiring and device settings?
Can you send a picture?
Did you follow the steps correctly?

What so it’s against the rules to include game codes?

sorry I was doing somthing ill send then now

I’ve tried this in my own map and this doesn’t work. Shooting zones’ scope is always global, so you can’t make it active for one team and not active for the other.

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Well, it works if you use a relay for all players on one team to activate the zone on start so that the other team could still shoot within the zone.

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But that’s what I did. And it didn’t work.

Here’s a resource post for you, it should have links to the guides you’ll need