Need Help with players names popping up

Hey guys!
I need help with my hotel.
I can’t figure out how to make the players name that Is in the game popup on their room that they are renting.
When they purchase it I need the name to popup on the flooring so people know who it belongs to.

Wire the vending machine to some text.

Item purchased > run wire pulse block

In the text’s wire pulse block:
Set text (triggering player's name)

And you’re done!

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I don’t know if it worked yet. Hold on

Additionally, you can use the “create text with” block on the “set text block”, and have it say something more, like “This house belongs to [player]”, or “[player]'s house.”

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This is what I have what do I do now?


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and the blocks could be soemthing like this:
Screenshot 2024-04-28 10.44.25 AM

Omg…I don’t understand code!

it’s fine, just copy my code lol
for next time tho, try reading up on some block guides such as

ok hol on.

Ok, now I’m confused…

that goes on the “set text” block found in “for this device”
want me to record a video of exactly where to find the blocks and how to connect them?



one second
getting a video

I did it!
Thanks a lot!

oh you did it?
ok never mind

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Bruh, it doesn’t work…

is the text always shown and visible?


in that case:

  1. open the vending machine
  2. find “when item purchased, transmit on”
  3. enter “ClaimHouse1”
  4. open the text
  5. under “show text when recieving on” enter “ClaimHouse1”

Ok, I put it as that.
Look in my Bio, so we could chat 1on1.