Need help with notification

I have a button that activates a channel which goes into a notification. The notification has a block that is when receiving on channel to set variable to random integer between 1-10. I have it so it gives you different messages depending on the value. It’s not working though :frowning:
Screenshot 2024-05-03 11.44.22

it should be working… the code looks fine

but may i ask how is it not working?

You are using the code wrong. The random integer block inside the if block will generate a random number for it to be equal to.

Instead, use less than signs for numbers to lower down what it is.
For example:
Less than 6
Less than 9
If it is greater than six but less than nine, then it will past first but not second.

oh now I understand ._. oof

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This should do exactly what you want.


Yeah, that’s what I was talking about. Please mark a solution @My_Username_Is_Best

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yeah… I thought he still needed help

sorry for that :sweat_smile:
i’ll mark a solution

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