Need help with my overlay system

I have an overlay system that has three different pages, and different buttons/info show up on each page. But I can’t figure out a way to make it so something doesn’t show up on any page until something happens, (specifically a player gets to a certain checkpoint) and the have it so the button shows up on one page and hides itself on the rest. For example, I have a button that teleports you to a room, and I want that button to show up on the fist page only, and only after the player has reached a certain teleporter in-game. The problem is getting the button to hide and show itself again when you switch pages, because right now you can just switch to page to and the back to page one and you’ll have the button, regardless of if you have unlocked it or not.

Here ask @Blackhole927 or@WhoAmI they are good with code.

Could you explain this a little simpler? I don’t really get it.
Do you want a button that shows a popup and then a call to action to hide the popup and show another one?

Do you mean you want a player to have a certain item to be able to open up the overlay?

I would try and help but I don’t know much about Gimkit creative code, sorry.

I need it so a button will show up once a player gets to a teleporter, then hide when page 2 is show, stay hidden if page three is shown, stay hidden if you go back to page 2, then show on page one, but only show if you have gotten to the teleporter, so people cant just scroll through the pages and unlock it without going there.

Just making to were when the teleporter gets activated it will add/spawn a button and remove/hide the other 2 pages.

the channel that prompts the overlay to show is getcheckpoint10, and it hides on page2, and then it needs to show on page1 but only if you have gotten to getcheckpoint10

Here’s an idea for the teleporters without using overlays. Have a teleporter in Room 1 that goes to Room 2. In Room 2, right to the right of the teleporter connecting to Room 1, have a teleporter connecting to Room 3, and keep the chain going on like this. To lock them, use barriers that turn on when you enter another room.

Make a button not active on game start,
then, for the wires.
When player teleported here > Activate Button
Button Pressed > Show Popup (make a primary call to action)
Primary Call to action clicked > Hide Popup (previous popup or page 1 popup)
Primary Call to action clicked > Show popup (page 2 popup)
and repeat the process for how many pages you want

well the button takes you to a room for people that have gotten through the first ten levels, but not for people who haven’t gotten there, and the levels are long so I don’t want to make the player have to go through all of them if they die

If you want a player to teleport somewhere when they clear a level/s, Place a counter. Make the target the amount of sentries in the room/s you want to teleport the player when they clear it. Make both of the scopes “player.”
Target Value Reached, Teleport Player here

I’m going to try this and see if it works.

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how do I make a call to action? sorry this is my first map

Click the popup and in the popup settings there is a setting to make a call to action

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ok so it didnt work because I’m not using popups, I’m using game overlays for my buttons, the button still shows itself when you scroll through the pages and back to page 1. I need a way to make it show only if getcheckpoint10 has been broadcasted, so that the button wont show when it recieves on page1, unless it has already received getcheckpoint10

Oh, you might be getting confused with game overlays and popups

@Blackhole927 can you help me?

In school right now, sorry

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You want a game overlay to show while a popup is open?