Need help with my adventure game

I need some help with my adventure game because I am having trouble with new areas and making buttons usable only once. since I am new to the creative community, i would appreciate any help or advice you have.

Thank you

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Welcome @Master_Sketchy!
It’s always good to have a plan of what you going to do, so Sketch it out on a piece of paper if you need to :wink:

First off, welcome to the forum! :smile:

Also, i think for the button, you could have it broadcast on a channel. then set it to hide or deactivate, whichever one is an option, when it recieves on that channel. For example, when button pressed, broadcast on “Pushed”. Hide button when recieveing on channel “Pushed”.

I suppose you could also check out the following if your game is going to be an RPG:

thanks for the advice!

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if you need, i could try to see if i could put a link to my game so you can check it out


You can’t put a cøde on the forum but here is the link to the wix, post it there.

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Thank you, TimeMechanic, for the advice on the button. It worked really well


Oh I’m glad it worked! Also, make sure you mark a solution to close the topic!