Need help with map ideas

I cant think of anything

I can’t think of anything either

You don’t need to bump something after only 1 hour. Bumps are used for topics that have been at least 1 week since the last bump.

ok, it’s being a while since I been on(besides from the past few days)

  • Cafe game
  • Sports
  • Pokemon
  • Robbing sImulator
  • Life as a villager (Get a job, get a family, survive until the time runs out)
  • Murder mystery
  • Heist
  • Recreate a movie storyline
  • School (Players go to classes, get homework, study, and do it in dorms) (It might be gimpossible though)
  • Roleplay (Really any kind, like family or life)
  • Art gallery (Players make art, display art, and rate art).
    Idk, just some random ideas.

is this solved?

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. You gave them the infinite list.


yes but I would like people to share their ideas. :slight_smile:

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