Need help with decoration ideas

the game I’m making is a super mall and I’m making the first roo m where you get in but its kinda bland

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@Claire_B or @Astro-123 any ideas

Ideas for Shopping Malls
Need help with decoration ideas
These could help, or maybe just add some potted plants and dirt, just little menial props to make things interesting.

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hello how are you doing

thanks @GimGuy and I’m doing good @Nature_Boy_Drama16

Okay so maybe try adding a food store or a clothing store

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hey jelloboss do you have padlet?

this is just the beging where there’s a front desk in to the mall

what is a padlet . :slight_smile:

I would just add a few props that would go well with the setting of the room to start.

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well its basically like discord

well I don’t have discord and thanks @Sus_the_Hamster

You’re welcome @jelloboss

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its not discord its like discord

is it named padlet .

yes it is named padlet

ok I added plants and stuff to make it look better anything else @GimGuy or @Sus_the_Hamster

I have a padlet you can use its in my bio

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ok jello boss joinn claire_b’s padlet

how do I get to your bio also I saw your map @Claire_B good job