Ideas for Shopping Malls

The title explains it. I just need some ideas for some shopping malls.

Have like stands at random places that give you free samples

Like shops? Or layout?

Shops, I want the player to be moving around and buying stuff, my old ways were getting a little more plain.

Oh, ok


Sentry shop
Clothing shop
Devices shop
Cosmetics shop
Skincare shop
Food shop
Iĺl add more ideas when I think of them

Thanks for the ideas! Also, what kind of designs can I make for them?

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You should add a

Freddy Fazbear pizza diner

Do you have a escalator? But for shop, maybe you can search up shops irl and copy them into that…

Okay, I just need some help with the designs.

Oh uhh ah… you mean, art? Oh heavens…

I put like an empty bookshelf and I put bags of apples on it.

Some Ideas ( sorry for the long post) 1. Clothing store: Create a clothing store with different sections for men, women, and children’s clothing. You can also add accessories like hats, jewelry, and bags to the store.

  1. Food court: A food court is a great addition to a shopping mall game. You can include different food options like fast food, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and more.

  2. Electronics store: Create an electronics store that sells items like smartphones, laptops, cameras, and gaming consoles.

  3. Pet store: A pet store can be a fun addition to a shopping mall game. You can include different types of pets like dogs, cats, birds, and fish.

  4. Toy store: A toy store is perfect for children who love toys. You can include different types of toys like dolls, action figures, board games, and puzzles.

  5. Home decor store: Create a home decor store that sells items like furniture, curtains, bedding, and rugs.

  6. Bookstore: A bookstore can be a great addition to a shopping mall game. You can include different types of books like fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and magazines.

  7. Sports store: Create a sports store that sells items like athletic wear, sports equipment, and fitness accessories.

  8. Beauty store: A beauty store can sell makeup, skincare, hair care, and fragrances.

  9. Gift shop: Finally, a gift shop can be a great place to find unique items like souvenirs, greeting cards, and novelty items.

Also, adding a book/poetry store, with bookshelves, and an inkpot on a table, used for when people want to write, and people want peace


Wow! Thanks for the information! I might put each of the detail I see all together into my map! Everyone here helped me a lot! Thx!

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And a book/Poetry store Ahem Right?

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Yess… a book and poetry store too.

Then edit it and add it. Cough

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Yes, I will use the book and poetry store in my map too! Thanks for it VWOOM!

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Да! Прошло достаточно много времени! (Use google translate for that)

Okay, sorry but I couldn’t really understand that.

I edited my post and put the poetry/bookshop on it too