Need help on something

Can someone take a picture of Tag: Domination’s full map?

It will take a lot of screenshots but sure, I can do it

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Wait nevermind the map is too big

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Sure. Just expect it to come in 1-2 days.

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Blackhole could probably use gimhook to do that?

He can only access it from Gimkit Creative Maps

I think they have one on the wiki, lemme check.

I checked and there is no picture of the map

10% done.


Did you just photoshop multiple screenshots together? Because your are in all of the sections.

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Yes, obviously.

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Can someone donate some screenshots of the map pls…

Sure thing! I will work on other side. Are you on wix, because I could send them to you there.

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Nah I can use it on real maps too
Josh hasn’t added an anti chest for that yet

Nice! So can you zoom out of a map gamemode?

Question: when tag domination dropped, my friend found a bug where you can zoom the tab out to increase the camera view, allowing you to play better. This doesn’t work anymore. Why is that?

The devs made the camera view set based on the ratio of the screen, rather than the size.

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So I would need a monitor instead?