Need help making a Fortnite-map in Gimkit

The Game has box fights and battle royale so far, but I’m struggling with the mechanics of it.

what mechanics r u struggling with? Also, welcome to the forums @Bryce! Make sure to read the guidelines/faq!

I’m trying to make it to where a team is elemenated, the game ends. I saw another post on here saying how to do it but it had missing pictures and they forgot to put the last step.

is there respawns?

Since I don’t know how to do the game ending mechanic I had to make a simplified version that only let you play 2v2. In that game mode there isn’t respawns.

Just to make sure for the no respawns; lifecycle (player knocked out) to team switcher (team spectators) | event occurs → switch to team
If there isn’t respawns then:
Have a trigger an top of each spawn pad (one for each) with settings for max trigger of 1 and players can trigger it when stepped on. Wire the triggesr to a item granters that grants 1 team a specific item and the other team a different item. Wire the triggers to a wire repeater with a delay of 5 seconds and then wire the wire repeter back to the trigger to deactivate it. Get a counter for each trigger and wire the counter to its corresponding trigger (trigger triggered → increment counter). Now get a lifecycle that checks for knockouts and wire it to a checkers. Set check 1 to “equals [item for team 1].” Set the other check 1 to “equals [item for team 2].” Wire the checkers to different counters that will increment when the check passes. Make sure the counters have a target value of 2. Wire the counters to seperate end game devices with the wire: counter reaches target value → end game.


if this is too hard I will add images tomorrow. but by the time i add images someone else wil lget back to u

Yeah lol it’s a bit confusing but I’ll probably figure it out. If not I could definitely use those pictures.

Also which spawn pads are you talking about, the ones that spawn you into the battle royale, or I also have a lobby where you can go to box fights or battle royale with spawners there too.

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this will help if you want the storm!!!How to make a "moving" poison fog [🟨]
also, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I tried making one earlier but couldn’t get it to work. This should help.

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Welcome to the forums @Bryce! You will have a lot of fun, and make a lot of new friends!!

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@Bryce Is your game a fornite lobby game with battle royale and box fights but you get to choose?

Yes, basically you spawn in a lobby with two teleporters, one that takes you to the battle royale, and one that takes you to box fights.

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Also, if you want, you can j0in my map and help me build.

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Originally, you said you needed the game to end but now that I see that you don’t want the game to end because people could still be playing the other game mode. Instead make the end game device substituted for a teleporter. Make sure the teleporter is in the lobby. Or if you want the people who already played the game to not be able to play anymore you can a) switch the teams to spectators or b) teleport the players to a room they can’t escape.

  1. Sadly you can’t post codes in the forums at the moment so j0in this padlet:
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Or the wix


Well, I’m think I’m gonna make it to where you can only play 1 game mode at a time. But, there is a few problems with that. 1, once you get elemenated it teleports you back to the lobby, which is where the teleporter to j0in the game again is, so they can just get back into the game over and over again. Also it says that padlet is private. Do you know how to j0in it?

You have to put in a request but I can get you in for the padlet. :wink:
Then do this (BTW This was already said by me…):

Oh lol sorry I didn’t see that. I sent a request to j0in the padlet, and I think I got accepted because I’m in it now.

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