Need Final Boss ideas

I need ideas for my boss battle game I only accept final boss level ideas So give it your best shot best idea makes it into my game.

Maybe these might help


An interesting boss idea I don’t think I’ve seen someone use is a puzzle-oriented boss, simmilar to the video game Mario VS. Donkey Kong’s boss fights. Or you could have something like this: a fire boss fight in a volcano, with Ice Fruits (or anything of the sort) scattered throughout the arena. The furnace to the volcano (or pit, or orgin, or wherever the lava originates) is in the midde, and you need to collect a certian number of Ice Fruits and place them in the furnace, and that defeats the boss. The boss could be chasing you, or shooting things at you. I’ve never tried this, so if might not work all that well, but tell me how it goes if you try it! :+1: