Need a new gim in me world

so yae pls help me thank

Welcome to the forum! What exactly are you asking?

what specifically do you need help with?

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If you’re referring to having gim decorations use this

They might be talking about another player or sentry.

Are you trying to add custom gims? ( ) Or are you trying to change gims in game? Or are you trying to make gim npcs?

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i need a new gim for my fnaf world

Like appearance, player, or sentry?

i want to make a gim for player in my game so they can play as fnaf pelpol and killers

You can’t turn players into or make custom gim cosmetics yet. You can suggest that here

well you can switch them to different teams, but there is no way to get a custom gim

ok thx and how if i want to do ai

You can buy a gim from the shop that looks like that in the main gimkit menu. Though you can’t make your own.

You can place sentries to try to defeat players, but you can’t add artificial intelligence that can play like players. Also, can you remove the art tag from your post? It doesn’t really fit with the question.

If only teleporting sentries still worked. :pensive:

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but can you cange look

No, you can’t change player’s appearance mid game. Same with sentries, but you can edit their appearance in editing mode.

You can by buying cosmetics but can’t make your own.