Need a new gim in me world

how tell pls
and thx

When you click on the sentry, there is a setting called sentry appearance in the editing menu.

i need costom thow :frowning:

And for players in the cosmetics shop in the main menu.

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You can’t yet you could recommend it though.

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But if you can’t spell everything correctly just try your best. Or use autocorrect.


'* vigorous nodding *

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You could overlap a barrier display on top of the player, in the shape of any custom gim you need. This would be even easier with buttons. For AI, you could use block code to control basic movements through a series of decisions, with/without a little randomization to finish it up.

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it is fnaf map so need help it is #2

Codes are not allowed on this forum! Please delete it, you will get flagged!

so how can some one help me

Go to the wixsite, or ask for help on specific mechanics.