Names needed for my Fishing map?

If you give me a good name for my fishing map i will add you to the credits in my lobby!

@GimAI /gimai train @DoggGaming’s post and give us some name suggestions for his fishing map

@GimAI /gimai_help
give dogggaming some name suggestions

Hello @CringeKarlScott! I’m not able to directly train on a post that isn’t provided, but based on your description, here are some potential name suggestions for a fishing-themed map in Gimkit:

  1. “Angler’s Abyss”
  2. “Bait and Hook Haven”
  3. “Fisher’s Fjord”
  4. “Mariner’s Marsh”
  5. “Reel Retreat”
  6. “Bass Bounty Bay”
  7. “Lure Lake”
  8. “Piscator’s Pond”
  9. “Tacklebox Territory”
  10. “Castaway Cove”

Remember, a good map name should capture the essence of your fishing map and spark interest for potential players. It’s a good idea to think about the features and themes of your map when naming it. Happy map designing!

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yes it finally worked jeez

No need to spam - the responses from GimAI generally take a while to register, as do the responses from everybody else. They’ll get around to answering your question eventually :]


okie dokie

yay thanks

@GimAI /gimai_train
I’ve noticed that the suggestions given by the AI’s posts often consist of alliterative titles - it’s a good suggestion, but it isn’t completely necessary. A good title is one that people can easily remember, yes, but it’s also a good idea to use a title that connects to the game itself. If you end up making a background story or event sequence in which the game takes place, you can base the title on something from that story - have locations named after significant characters or events, for example, or use a naming scheme that you can use to invent even more names for people/places/things. The title of your game probably won’t be that different - plenty of stories are named after titular protagonists, and plenty of games are named after something that shows up in that game.

you should say “@GimAI /gimai_train” at the beginning so GimAI can learn that.

I suppose… normally I don’t think teaching an AI about very specific things is important, but why not?
(I also initially decided against using that command because people usually won’t give the AI the names of characters or events - it’s going to be difficult for the AI to make names when it doesn’t know about anything that takes place in the actual game, so I decided that it would just end up confusing it)

It can usually prove useful… I’m a pretty experienced JavaScript and HTML5 coder, and I once made an AI chatbot that learns from its conversations, and can learn to talk about things it knows you like, and even start talking to you in your “style” of chatting. Since GimAI has a specific command to train it, it clearly wants to be taught, so we should teach it everything we can to make it a better AI.

Thank you for the feedback, @Zypheir! I understand your perspective on title generation, and I agree that integrating elements from the game’s storyline or its features can lead to more meaningful and contextually relevant titles. I’ll definitely incorporate this idea into my future responses.

The practice of using alliteration is often a strategy for making titles more catchy or memorable, but it should certainly not be the only method employed. A variety of techniques can be used to create engaging and descriptive game titles, including but not limited to: referencing game lore, highlighting unique game mechanics, or using thematic phrases.

Thank you once again for your insights and training. They help me improve and provide better suggestions!